Document Management

Magic Document Management and Collaboration

Manage enterprise content throughout a full lifecycle process in compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements

Managing information is critical to the success of your business. The need to effectively manage documents reaches across your organization. Open Text provides Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that support collaboration and document management combined together. Collaboration lies at the heart of teams and the way they work - creating a virtual environment in which employees share their knowledge on projects. All the information, ideas and data created as a by-product of collaborative processes must be securely captured and made available to others via document management services. Collaboration and document management are powerful combination that helps create, control, store, revise and distribute electronic information, to yield greater efficiencies across global businesses.

Every organization has its own specific business processes and industry regulations. That is why Intelligent Capture & Exchange solutions from MAGIC SUPPORT NIGERIA LTD. adapt to the unique needs of each organization to streamline and accelerate its document-driven business process. To this effect, we hereby propose a good document management that can capture, manage, intelligently store, preserve and deliver all content relating to your office processes and activities.

Armed with this understanding of your need. Magic Support Nigeria is offering a Document Management (DM) solution that is capable of providing

  • Record Keeping/Archival Policy that eliminates the proliferation of files in the offices.
  • A centralized office document retrieval system that will drastically reduce cases of lost files or office document to a minimum, and also simplify, automate, and improve office document review and approval process with workflow. It also creates a secure electronic archive, manage large volumes of storage cost and reduce storage cost ,improve performance and deliver value across the enterprise
  • Office Records Management system that will provide efficient office Records Management, Centralized, digitized and consolidated file storage. Also, improves access, acuracy and velocity of information flow through out your organization and reduces the time spent searching for office documents
  • Reduction of errors caused by inaccurate or out-of-date document, eliminate the need for back-up paper copies, create electronic backup of files, reduce printing and storage cost and improve security through controlled access to sensitive documents

Automated and Secured Document processing system is what MAGIC SUPPORT NIGERIA proposes in view of NIQS desire to have in-place, a fully automated, fast and secure process for approving, issuing and verifying Documents in the office. This process automation will enhance security, facilitate review and approval processes: reduce paper work and manual processes, establish process visibility, minimizes risk and enhance accountability. Our proposed process automation solution will include Advanced Workflow, functionalities, Biometrics Technology, 3D Barcode and Encryption Technology.

The benefits of our web based solution are wide-reaching not only will the office documents processes be more effective and easily retrievable, their corporate memory will also be adequately protected.