Technical Services

Technical Services

MAGIC SUPPORTS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES the Leasing, Construction, Commercial. Industrial and Public parastatals in enhancing their businesses and gaining vital competitive advantages in an evolving economy such as ours.

These products and services include:

  • Business Process Reengineering and IT Consulting Services
  • Project Management and Systems Integration Services
  • On-site Database Administration and Support Services


MAGIC Enterprise Manager:

This is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning and Management system that encompasses all activities of any business organization. It helps large Enterprise like Federal ministries & Multi-nationals to effectively monitor and control organizational resources and operations.

MAGIC BusinessWise:

This is a suite of application modules that integrate Financial Accounting with Materials Requirement Planning, Procurement and Stocks. This is one of the cost-effective suites of applications module that has been supplied to many Corporate Manufacturing & Service organizations.

MAGIC PeopleWise:

This is an integrated and comprehensive solution for Human Resource Management. PeopleWise handles all aspects of Human Resources from the point of staff recruitment to his exit from the Organization. It encompasses of twelve distinctive modules, which are used in administering the following aspects of Human resources functions namely the Manpower Resource Planning & Development. Selection and Recruitment. Personnel Administration, Staff Training S Development. Careers Succession Planning, Performance Appraisals and Reviews, Benefit Administration, Payroll & Wage Administration. Attendance & Time Management, Employee Self Service. Pension & Gratuity Administration and Management Information System.