Financial Accounting

Our Financial Accounting Solution

Magic Financial Accounting

The Magic Financial Accounting solution is based upon a robust technology that provides significant advantages over traditional financial accounting packages. It offers an integrated financial accounting, analysis and reporting system with a link between the corporate, operations and financial plans within the company. The linkage being largely predicated on the obvious fact that every functional aspect of an organization will have a link and implications in terms of finance, either in form of expenses or in the form of earnings. Hence, the system deals with different activities of an organization as either Cost Center or Revenue Center and in concept is linked to all other working systems in the organization. Advantages include greater transaction throughput: ease of implementation and use combined with reduced costs of total ownership. Our software's architectural design supports a variety of platforms, new technologies and software as they develop.

Our Solution Comprises

  • Account Management and Analysis;
  • Cost Accounting;
  • Project accounting;
  • Treasury / Funds flow / Cash Flow Management;
  • Asset management;
  • Inventory Control / Management.
  • Accounts Payable & Receivables;
  • Central Invoice Processing;
  • Budgetary Planning and Control ;
  • Multi-Facility Accounting and Consolidation;
  • Treasury and Funds Management;
  • Inter-Unit Reconciliation.

The solution can also be used to manage budgetary and cash book reconciliation,revenue accounting and corporate allocation,the collections and receipts for various statutory deductions i.e. (Taxes & Levies). It also manages information centralization with access to multiple agencies in the Government Organizations, helps to generate and monitor Tax demand notes in a routine fashion, identify deviations and generate legal actions if necessary and also carries out statistical analysis and trend analysis for future controls