Employee Self Service Module

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Employee Self Service Module

Maintaining up-to-date information about individual employees is usually a time-consuming task for the HR department. The Employee Self Service module has been designed to allow employees to make on-line inquiries about their own personal information, including their salaries and benefit entitlements. This sub-system also features functions that allow employees to submit requests for leave and reimbursements and to update their personal information particulars on Web or Intranet, which helps reduce the workload of the personnel staff to a great extent. Thanks to this capability, approval of requests can also be made in the same timely manner. The system even displays reminders about pending requests.

The system manages all aspects related to business travels from trip planning to creating expense reports. It also handles issues related to salary, such as salary verification and statement. It provides access to employee qualification profile, maintains a skills database and provides recommendations for skill enhancement. Training schedules are displayed on the ESS portal from which an employee can be recommended for training as well as receive training.

In a nutshell, it supports the following business activities:

  • Employees can inquire about their monthly income and other related information, i.e. pay-slip, tax calculation status, provident fund contribution and their YTD incomes and deductions.
  • Employees can inquire & update their personal data, dependents information, emergency records, contact, tax withholding, bank area, history data, company's announcements, their outstanding liabilities, job description, company training schedule or their own training plan.
  • Employee can check any of company‚Äôs rules and regulation, daily work activities & company directory.
  • Employees can submit their personal complaint as well as record the request to change actual time attendance, shift schedule
  • Employee can submit leave application to line manager for approvals

Finally, it provides facility to view job opening within the company, create application materials for the position and check the status of the pending applications.Also, every request or data change will be sent to supervisor for approval before being updated into the master file.