Leave Management Module

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Leave Management Module

This module covers all the processes necessary for the sanctioning of vacations, tracks the eligibility and the payments in respect of vacations. Many organizations have very complex sequences for these approvals and a lot of paper work gets involved in this activity. For a multi-location organization this problem becomes even more complex and cumbersome since the authority to sanction the leave is not in the same office or location, Our system has been designed to handle such matters in an effective way.

The system has features to carry all the opening balances for the type of leave and keep track of all the balances up to date. The masters for defining all types of leaves are available and the table also keeps track of the entire grade-wise eligibility table for the organization. Additionally the rules for the processing of the leave are carried out for the ease of calculations and encashment if applicable.

Independent routines are developed for the different payroll categories in the system and this becomes very handy for the processing purposes. This module makes extensive usage of the checker maker functions. The system has the following processing sequences in place.

  • Application screen for the leave/vacation processing
  • Scrutiny by the Manager and his superior and approval in an iterative process.
  • Confirmation by the HRD for the eligibility and confirmation of the balances and the amount payable
  • The changes to live transaction files if any depending on the rules applicable (i.e. for maternity leave beyond the 90 days the full payment of the salary may not be applicable)
  • Keep track of the payment involved as direct payment or through salary as applicable
  • Keep track of the changes in dates for the leave and record of the actual leave enjoyed. Again reposting of the balances and recalculation of the allowances payable.
  • Audit trail for the changes made in the records.