Budget Planning Module

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Budget Planning Module

The Manpower Budgeting and Planning module helps the organization to generate the Manpower plans linked to the overall plans in the organization. This handles both the numbers and positions and cost aspects of the Budgets and Plans. The objective of this module is to help the organization to prepare and monitor the Budget for Manpower resources. This complex task indeed needs effective IT system that can address this need of the modern organization.

The Budgeting Module reflects the Levels and various organizational entities and the Budget exercise is equally reflected in stages: Raw estimates. Frozen Budgets and Revised Targets. The Budget can be based on No. of people or in terms of financial amounts.

All the functional units in an organization can utilize the modules. The requisitions from user departments can be linked to the sanctions as per the budget. Furthermore, this module enables the organization:

  • to keep track of Estimates/Budgets/Actual for the Manpower plans of the organization,
  • to provide the past data in a suitable fashion for the comparison of the Budgets for reference & trend analysis. Also, historical data can be assessed by Year,
  • to prepare the Templates proposed to be used for this exercise,
  • to provide the interface with other modules for the actual data to be compiled and presented in a manner that is suitable for action oriented comparison,
  • to provide the options about the style and planning periods for the entire Budgeting process,
  • to provide various reports required for the analysis

This module provides the facility for the following processes and sequences:

  • Preparation of the Budget template by the Head Office (HO) for the use by all Heads of Departments (HODs).
  • Preparation of Requisitions by HODs
  • Sanctioning, approval and compilation of the Budget by the Head Office.
  • Reference to the Historical data on the previous budgets.
  • Budgets can be expressed in various denominations and currencies depending on need
  • Version Control and representation of data in a graphical mode for Senior Management.