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The Importance of an effective Human Resource Management System to the overall success of an organization cannot be over emphasized. Indeed, the Human Resource factor is very crucial to the success and continued survival of an organization, particularly in today's highly competitive business world.

For large business organizations with multi-country, multi-location and multi-divisional operations, the task of human resource management becomes a highly challenging responsibility. Thus, the need to plan for human resources and ensure continuous attention and development and effective deployment of these valuable assets assumes a priority status. Indeed, this underscores the need for an effective Human Resources Management System. Adopting a sound IT culture is however not without its perils, due largely to the highly volatile dynamic flux of the IT World. New standards are set before the old ossify, which throws up new demands before the old are satisfied. In this world of global uncertainties, this rapid pace of change is a contending force that no organization can afford to ignore.

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Organizations desirous of cultivating a sound IT culture thus require an effective IT system that can weather the dynamics of the IT world and yet remain flexible enough to absorb change and scalable enough to accommodate increased usage occasioned by increased patronage and demands. Indeed, the ever changing dynamics of the global corporate business environment put a lot of pressure on IT to deliver business systems in much shorter timelines. Lacking an iterative approach to development, older approaches, such as the "waterfall” approach, (widely used by most software houses) have been unable to provide solutions for the dynamic needs of business. Many development projects have indeed failed because they have either fallen short of end-user expectations or because the dynamics of the business have caused changes in the project's requirements in the final stages of the development life-cycle and the system did not have the flexibility to be re-engineered to provide for these changes. In many of these cases, the system was either abandoned or expensive post-project adaptation work was undertaken, at a tremendous cost to the organization.

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Rapid Application Development (RAD) became a globally accepted alternative approach to building and maintaining systems, which combines the effective use of tools, techniques and end-user involvement to provide "real-time" business solutions more quickly and at reduced cost as compared with traditional methods. Our approach to application development is founded on the world’s best practices to deliver robust enterprise solutions with unrivalled productivity and time to result. This is to ensure that our software solutions are made not only to meet specifications as required clients, but goes well beyond the minimum requested.

It is against this background that MSNL in its characteristic proactive marketing drive is pleased to offer a solution. Magic Supports Nig. Ltd., that is integrated and comprehensive, yet. flexible, extensible and adaptable to changes over a period of time to meet an organization's changing business needs. This solution provides capabilities for seamless integration with other key operational systems vital to the success of Magic Supports Nig. Ltd. operations.

HR Modules

Our HR Solutions contains the following solutions

  • Personnel Administration;
  • Payroll Processing;
  • Employee Services;
  • Pension Scheme;
  • Budgeting & Planning;
  • Leave Management;
  • Training Development;