Personnel Administration

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Personnel Administration

The main thrust of the Personnel Administration module is record keeping of recruitment information of staff and other employee related data. The activities include deployment and administration of these resources. It is thus, primarily centred on record generation and the maintenance of same.

The main aspects of this module are:

  • Employee Database: This Database is crucial for the HRD/Payroll as well as Training and other modules. The database provides more than 500 elements of data for each and every employee.
  • Update to employee records and providing answers to queries from HODs and senior management.
  • Attendance modules for Input to Payroll: This covers location wise shift schedules and flexible definitions for the same. This module also provides a parameterized calendar for defining the holidays and patterns of shift and attendance procedures for various types of duties.
  • Attendance data is provided either in monthly summary form or as daily attendance form. There is a provision for elaborate codes for various types of absence and other related situations.
  • Operations of Welfare schemes and social schemes for employees
  • Conduct of welfare and other schemes for the employees such as co-op societies and funds for the same.
  • Deal with the result of negotiations with the union committees and manage the routine matters with the union
  • Manage Medical assistance schemes
  • Management of Loans and Vacation allowances as applicable

Magic Solutions has all the facilities to carry out such functions elaborately and efficiently. The admin modules are linked to all other modules through the Employee database that acts as the fulcrum for the entire system.