Training Module

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Training Module

This module will allow the organization to asses the training needs of various groups and individuals in the organization. This system will also act as a vehicle to identify and nurture the employees to develop certain additional skill sets and acquire knowledge in the functional areas that are essential for effective job performance.

The training may be conducted through the Internal training School, Specialized/Technical training through the local external agencies/institutes, or Specialized/Technical training through the foreign/external agencies/institutes in overseas locations.

In any modern corporate organization it is necessary to plan and organize the Training activities in a very systematic and professional way. It is also essential to maintain the Training history card for the employees and monitor the expenses for the activities of the Training function. The following section summarizes the objectives of the training function:

  • To assess the training needs for the group and individual employees based on the Performance Appraisal module and Plan the training activities for the period under consideration.
  • To compile and classify the training needs based on parameters/attributes (strengths and weakness of employees). This will be based on a standard template that is a function of the Functional Discipline/Sub Classification as applicable to the employee/candidate.
  • To generate the effective training modules and courses and develop the curriculum for the same.
  • To set KRAs/objectives for the training function for the planning period (year/half-year). This plan will be used as the basis for the evaluation process.
  • To maintain the database for various courses internal and external. This will include Functional classification/sub class/level of training and the details of the institutes and venues for the training.
  • To compile the details related to the training expenses in both local and foreign currencies and analyze budget versus actual.
  • To document the assessment by the employee (faculty feedback) and assessment by the faculty based on the performance of the candidate.
  • To provide suitable results and analysis to the senior management based on the compilation of the results and analysis based on the overall guidelines.
  • To help review the process and document the inputs/results of the stages of training/assessment and maintain historic record per employee.
  • To generate the classification/statistical analysis of the recommendations by the HODs for training and plan the batches for training accordingly.